Bitcoin Era: Time To Discover Fresh Sources Of Stable Income
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Bitcoin Era: Time To Discover Fresh Sources Of Stable Income

Bitcoin has been one of the leading profitable cryptocurrencies in the world for over 10 years now. Starting with the introduction of the currency, experts have been trading it to improve their financial state and generate passive income. Solely, manual trading was applied to the field, and thus, many potentially interested traders were left out.

Automated trading services like the Bitcoin Era system changed the industry approach for the better. With the help of reliable service at hand, there’s little experience and knowledge required to profit from the field. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin Era platform is relatively new to the stage, so it’s essential to figure out how trustworthy it is!

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Era trading service


  • User-friendly interface
  • Simplified registration and verification
  • Responsive and intuitive layout
  • Multiple payment means available
  • Informative and friendly support


  • No mobile application developed

How does the Bitcoin Era platform work?

The Bitcoin Era system is driven by an innovative trading algorithm powered by AI. The algorithm’s main idea is that it scans the market fast, picks up the best potentially profitable trades, and carries out the operations without user interference. To put it simply, once the software is launched, it trades automatically with the highest winning chance.

The software that Bitcoin Era vendor features is also faster when compared to other platforms. Thus, the success rate of the platform is higher than 88%. Yet, to prove their transparency and reliability, the vendor states it clearly that the chances of losses are almost as high so that every investor shouldn’t spend more than they can afford to lose in the process.

How to start trading with the Bitcoin Era website?

Despite its complex and modern trading approach, Bitcoin Era is simple enough to register with. Even investors with no prior experience will succeed with the process in no time.


Once you land on the main page of the site, the registration form is situated on the screen’s right. If you’re using a mobile device, it’s right in the middle. The data required is basic but mandatory. You won’t be able to create an account if either your name, email address, or phone number are incorrect. In case all the information provided is correct, the system will validate and approve it in less than two minutes. After that, the confirmation link sent to the email will take you to the platform.

Fund deposit

When you successfully log into your account, the system will ask you to carry out the primary deposit. The deposit sum is lower than average – $250 – and the variety of payment options will suffice all. You can choose between credit card deposits, e-walls, and wire transfers. The most popular options are:

  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • TrustPay
  • Skrill among others

The depositing transaction is usually swift so that the funds are shown in the account within a couple of minutes after the transaction.

Live trade

Once the means are deposited into the account, you can proceed with the live trade. Since the trading process is fully automated, it takes a click of a button to launch the trade. However, to make sure that you make more than lose, some settings are to be pre-set. The stop-loss limit, along with the number of daily trades and amount per trade, should be personalized. Bitcoin Era trading vendor allows it to experiment with cryptocurrency pairs too. You can choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. However, market monitoring is required to choose the most profitable currency of the day.

Benefits of trading with Bitcoin Era site

Like a variety of other vendors, Bitcoin Era comes with a set of benefits that every user can profit from. They’re the following:

  • Success rate – 88% of the win rate is higher than average and proves that the vendor’s trading algorithm is more profitable than most.
  • Mobile availability – there’s no separate platform app, but the software is well-fitted to every type of browser and mobile device.
  • Enhanced transparency – Bitcoin Era trading service is free to use, but the broker commission is usually deducted from the profits. The fee depends upon the broker you’re trading with and on the income you make. However, all the charges are transparent and simple to calculate. Should any issues arise, you can quickly solve the matter with customer support.

Best features of Bitcoin Era trading software

Aside from the beneficial points of the platform, there are particular features to consider too.

Withdrawal system

Bitcoin Era deducts no fees upon issued withdrawals. Besides, the funds are deposited to the user’s account with the shortest notice – 24 hours. Every request is thoroughly checked to rule out any fraudulent activity.

Security system

Bitcoin Era secures the trading process along with traders’ data with the help of the latest malware detecting tools and modern SSL encryption. Any hack attacks and data leaks are eliminated, and all the sensitive information is safe with the vendor.

Support system

Customer support is available 24/7 so that any user can have their issues solved in no time. All the agents are well-trained and experienced in the industry.

Final words

All in all, the Bitcoin Era is a crypto trading opportunity for those who don’t want to dive into the depths of crypto trading. It’s user-friendly and straightforward, but what’s more important – it’s profitable and stable. The minimum deposit the vendor asks for is affordable, and even those traders who’ve never dreamt about it can get rich within a single trading operation!

Paul Mampilly is one of the famous investors and hedge fund managers with trading experience on Wall Street.
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