Privacy Policy

After completion of passing of procedure of registration and after contributing funds into the company’s program, investor adopts the agreement on transfer of some information are voluntary containing personal data, company for more full and high-quality implementation by the company of the obligations to the client regarding rendering every possible assistance and its support in that volume who can be demanded for implementation of these obligations. The company, in return, guarantees that any use of this information will happen only in the benefit and in interests of the investor.

Any other purposes which can be pursued with use of information on the personal data provided by the investor, are inadmissible and aren’t considered even as possible theoretically.

The company uses and manage of personal data of the investor strictly under observing the current legislation in that its part which directly regulates legal relationship between equal partners and establishes the regulating norms regarding their powers, the personal rights and duties.

At the making of the investment agreement, the company guarantees to the investor that his personal data, and also any other data which, perhaps, can be requested by the company directly in the course of bilateral cooperation, will have character of especially confidential deal and can’t be under no circumstances transferred to the third parties. Thus the company pays attention to that fact that security of nondisclosure and safety of personal data extends on all investors of the company without exception and is not revocable.

On the other side, the company has the right to get the symmetric and mutual loyalty of each investor and strongly recommends to all clients to observe the right of the company for its intellectual property without exception within the current legislation and also within the norms specified at the website.

In case of a proven fact of non-compliance by the company of publicly declared guarantees to confidentiality and safety of personal data the investor has the right in any lawful way to return all arrangements to an initial state and also to apply for compensations in case owing to the above actions of company the investor suffered loss of property or moral damage.